Launch of the national campaign « Kouy Tebbi Keur-gui »

PATISEN launched a nationwide promotional campaign in order to promote its 4 seasoning brands, ADJA, DOLI, AMI and MAMI, a superb house being the top prize.

Consumers were asked to collect 15 wrappers of each of the four brands in order to participate in a lottery draw for which flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, freezers, PATISEN products and a bedroom set could be won. The top prize being a very beautiful villa in Diamniadio.

Wholesalers, distributors, « aprons » and other vendors could also participate. All they had to do was collect 12 empty boxes of each of the 4 brands to take part in the lottery draw and have a chance of winning household electronical appliances and PATISEN products.

The campaign, which lasted 3 months, required all of the PATISEN’s salesforce mobilization and involvement. It was accompanied by a vast communication and marketing campaign to spark interest and arouse enthusiasm from the target population.