PATISEN is currently setting up to new management systems based on international ISO standards.

These standards define the required level, guiding principles and preconditions necessary to guarantee the quality and health security of all PATISEN food products.

With these international standards, PATISEN guarantees its customers and consumers safe, wholesome and healthy products. These standards also represent strategic tools to optimize expenses by driving productivity and reducing environmental impact.

Standard ISO 9001:2015, for an improved internal organization and more customer satisfaction

With the ISO standard 9001:2015, PATISEN guarantees its customers and consumers high quality products that will satisfy their level of demand. Better yet, PATISEN is mobilizing all the necessary resources to deploy its policy of innovation and rethinking its products and brands in order to keep its customers and consumers at the center of its business.

Audits are regularly conducted to continuously measure and improve the management system’s efficiency and performance.

Standard ISO 22000:2005, for improved food safety

Establishing and deploying this standard allows PATISEN to guarantee the food safety of its products. Indeed, the implementation of the previously identified programs, their inspection and monitoring prove that PATISEN perfectly masters the notion of risk in food security. This guarantees the harmlessness of its products for human-consumption, while scrupulously respecting applicable laws and regulations.

PATISEN products are reinforced in micronutrients

Producing food products of good quality demands a strict selection of ingredients. However, every day we are faced with the challenge of preserving these ingredients’ nutritional value so they may not be altered.

Within the framework of improving food fortification, micronutrients are added to our products in accordance with national and international standards.

Inspections at every level

To insure better quality products, inspections are carried out as soon as the ingredients and packagings arrive in order to ensure that every technical specifications are respected by our agents.

Security and environment

PATISEN pays special importance to the security of its working conditions and to the environment. Working conditions must answer all applicable regulations concerning occupational hazards, the implementation of preventive security measures, staff training…

PATISEN is also working on its environmental impact, in particular on reducing waste and energy use.

Every year new measures and innovations are put into place to insure a better working environment at PATISEN. Field audits are conducted in order to evaluate occupational hazards , environmental impact analysis are taken on a yearly basis and meetings by the Hygiene and Security committee are held every 3 months to improve working conditions.