The PATISEN delegation’s Ziaar for the Grand Magal of Touba 2016

With the upcoming Grand Magal of Touba 2016, PATISEN dispatched a delegation to Touba in order to participate and contribute to the success of the great event. The PATISEN delegation was received by the representative of the General Khalife of the Mourides, Serigne Bass Abdou Khadre M’backé, who welcomed them warmly and fraternally.

The delegation took advantage of this occasion to present the products gifted by PATISEN and receive the representative’s prayers. Thereafter, hundreds of PATISEN products were distributed, in particular ADJA products (oil, seasonings, vinegar, margarine), CHOCOPAIN chocolate, Kangoo fruit juices as well as mats, bowls and other accessories for the celebration’s success.

Later, the PATISEN delegation was led to the General Khalife of the Mourides, Serigne Sidy Mokhtar M’backé, who didn’t fail to make prayers for PATISEN, a company whose support of the MAGAL has always been constant.